Trust & Communication.

Fun, Furniture & Friends.

Those words are the core of our mission, but honestly, they’re more than a mission.  It’s how we live every day.  From the first coffee of the day to tucking our kids in bed at night.

We are a manufacturer representative group covering the territory of Nebraska and Iowa and offer commercial furniture solutions ranging from seating and tables to lighting, glassboards and custom art.

But so much more.

We love the design industry, working with people, and helping to provide product solutions for a more enjoyable environment. Through trust we develop strong relationships that we wouldn’t trade for the world.  Ultimately, we strive to provide a high level of awesomeness through all of our interactions.

With us, the difference is in the experience. Despite the hard work and long hours, we strive to provide an open ear, a smile and a shared laugh.

…as well as a TON of chair samples. Seriously, SO MANY CHAIRS!


LOTS Chairs
6580 Cups of Coffee
250+ Furniture Friends
2k Happy Clients